Winter Break at LAKE TAHOE

    “There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.”                                                       – William Sharp

DSC_3635.jpgWhoosh! I shivered as an icy gust of wind sent a chill down my spine. My teeth chattered loudly and it was so cold that I could see my breath in front of me. I was ankle-deep in snow and my knees were shaking, threatening to give out underneath me. I rushed back into the warm safety of the car, carefully avoiding the slippery gray parts on the ground. The first stop to see and  play in the snow we saw on our way to the Tahoe did not sustain longer as it proved too cold to handle for us. Continue reading


Most Embarrassing Moment

I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. It was late spring, and it was scorching hot in Northern California. We fifth graders were at recess at my school. Some were playing four square, while others were playing tag. A small group of us were strolling by the green monkey bars as usual. Then the most awkward moment took place. I face-planted off the monkey bars, which is the most embarrassing moment in my life. Continue reading


Minions: The Movie

MinionsDo you like bananas, an edible fruit that contain high amount of potassium. It is healthy for humans, monkeys, and  for… Minions! Minions are cute yellow creatures that have a craving for bananas, and serving the most evil villain they could find! Last week, my family and I went to Los Angles. and we saw a movie theatre that had a minion theme. That got me curious about the movie and We look forward to the movie release day and went to the Movie Theater to watch Minions 3D on the release day. The movie is the prequel of the movie “Despicable Me”. That means before they met Gru, their boss. Continue reading


Celebrating Earth Day at Solar Living Center

Today we went to the Solar Living Center in Northern California to celebrate the Earth Day.  Even though it is coming Wednesday, they planned today probably because of the  weekend.DSC_1576The Solar Living Center is an institute whose “mission is to promote sustainable living through inspirational environmental education.” It provides educational tours to school children and the public. They have an organic garden, a solar-powered kids play area, and sustainable building construction exhibits. The big idea of the Solar Living Center is promoting Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is something that can be used over and over without hurting the environment. It is important to practice this in order to make the world a better place for the next generation. Continue reading


Reading is Delicious!

“Samsara, Your stop is here!”

The school bus driver often remind me when I am deeply lost in reading  book. Most of the time I loose myself among the characters and scenes of the book. Some of the authors describe scenes in the book so vividly that I can’t help myself. I love reading books. I read in a school bus, in my bed, at the park, at classroom, at library. I read anywhere I feel comfortable. I read sitting, walking, watching, eating, and laying in my bed.  When my parents ask me where I want to go in the weekends, I say the library. Sometimes they laugh at me. Continue reading


Invention of Plane

IMG_7929Birds flap their wings and wade through the air. This is happening since the time immemorial. Ancient people watched closely this phenomenon. They tried to mimic birds action. For example, in 1485 Leonardo Da Vinci designed  an Ornithopter which was believed to enable people to fly just like birds.  But, he never got to finish building it. George Cayley made a glider with a tail in 1853 . In 1891, Otto Lilienthal took George Cayley’s ideas and improved them. He changed the shape of it and made lots of other improvements.As a result, Otto Lilienthal became the inventor of the hang glider. He made bat wing-shaped craft and had hundreds of flight.He died in one of his machines. Ultimately, the Wright brothers,in 1903 could stay in the air longer than any other human being. Continue reading


If I had $100…

C21bucks-dollarbill-blogSpanlose your eyes and imagine that you have a hundred dollars in your hand. How would you like to spend it?

Well, if you ask me, I would buy gifts for family, donate money to charity for homeless people, and buy a flower-pot and a seed. I would buy gifts for my family because I love them. Dad: he always teaches me and points me in the right way. Mom: she always cooks delicious food and buys stuff for me. Little Sister: my little sister always plays with me and says: you are my best friend! So I would like to appreciate them and thank them with gifts.I would like to see their faces when I surprise them with their gifts!
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Dear Alien, Let me tell you about the Earth!

Dear Alien, Let maliene tell you about the Earth.The earth was created about 4.7 million years ago by the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a theory that most scientist believe how the earth was created along with the other planets in the universe. According to this theory the universe was inside a bubble that was thousands of time smaller than a pinhead. It was extremely hot and dense. It suddenly exploded  and the universe was born which is much bigger than anything else. It is still expanding today. In this vast space the earth is one among billions of other objecs.

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